From Lavish Locks, to Glam Lashes, or a Deep Bronze Tan in a Pinch! Exotic Nails That Look Fresh for Days, or Hair Removal That’s a Cinch! Fresh Faces and Oh So Smooth Places Are How We Like To Please. Gorgeous and Glamorous All Rolled Into One We’ll Give You the Look of Your Dreams!


Don’t have time to go to a salon well you’re in luck!
Not only is VIP GLAM GIRL® a fully certified and insured Luxury Mobile Beauty Service, it is the only mobile salon of its kind catering to all the VIP’s and Elite of the GTA and surrounding. We use only the most luxurious, high quality products on the market and everything is specialized to you the VIP! No two people are alike and no two applications should be either! Thorough one on one consultations is what keeps our VIP’s looking their best and always returning again and again.

Only the best will do!

Throughout this last while, I have had many of you share your experiences and life stories with me, and I am deeply touched, and appreciate your trust in me.
I know many of you have asked me “How did VIP Glam Girl come about?”
Well, there are two very good reasons actually. The first reason, is I found a real need for salon type services that cater to busy women! Whether it is all you Busy Moms and/ or Career Girls, or just anyone who does not wish to spend a day in traffic getting around to get their Glam Girl needs met. Why not satisfy their beauty needs and bring the services to them thus making it a VIP Luxury Service? I mean really, who can’t use a couple hours of travel time saved?

My second reason, although I spent much of my life running my catering business since I trained as an Executive Chef, (so there is a real good chance Glam Girls your appointment could end on a surprise sweet note!) I found life sent me into another direction towards many of my other passions after the birth of my second child. After some complications I became anemic, which left me with much of my hair, lashes, and eyebrows falling out. This then left me with multiple hair loss issues I had to address and now cope with, not to mention there is not exactly much ME time with a newborn as we all know! I tried seeking out not only quality products, as well as, properly trained and certified people within these service fields and quickly realized there was a definite lack of proper education here within many of these areas as I started to realize I actually knew more about these services and applications then these people did that were supposed to be certified and trained. Unlike the USA and Europe where you need Certification for Hair Extensions, Eyelash Extensions, Spray Tanning etc. it is not required in Canada.
I felt there is a real need to provide women with both Quality Products where Proper Training and Application for these services should go hand in hand.
Since I am so very passionate both on a personal level and a professional, I chose to do all my studies,training and certification outside of Canada for many of my services I provide, one of them being Hair Extensions and Custom Wigs.

I felt there is a real need for both Quality Hair and Proper Application in Canada and for this reason I chose to study and be fully trained and certified in the USA by a renowned Hair Stylist/ Extensionist and Custom Wigs Designer.
Hair Extensions within Canada still have no Regulations or Certification requirements unlike the USA and Europe where Certification for Hair Extensions is necessary in order to apply them. The reason for this being improper application techniques combined with hair that is not a suitable match for the client can result in temporary and permanent hair loss. Consultations are an essential part as everyone has different hair types and this must be assessed prior to any application.
While I was in fact happy that I was helping many women with the numerous hair issues albeit to short, thinning, and more horror extension removal stories than I care to remember, I still felt the need to do more! Although, I in fact use excellent top quality hair much of which is the same used by celebrity stylists, I still was seeing and correcting too many poor hair applications that were being done by other extensionists. So I set my sites on Italy and an amazing company called Euro So.Cap. Not only are they the top hair extension company to the designers such as Cavalli, Armani, Missoni, Prada, Gucci, Versace and Fendi to name a few. They are renowned world wide, and a world leader in the hair manufacturing industry. All of their hair products are Indian Remy, Made in Italy.
After a trip to their head office and tour of the factory, I was thoroughly impressed at the craftsmanship, care, and detail they put into their hair and product line. I then met with a top Italian Stylist from Rome who I then trained under to become Certified in Hair Extension Application with Keratin Bonding by Means of a Cold System with Ultrasonic Technology under the Euro So. Cap. brand.
I was so impressed with this company I felt that bringing them to Canada would make a great change and help tremendously both in satisfying the need for excellent hair quality at reasonable prices in Canada, but also by providing Extensionists the most advanced non damaging patented application systems on the market all of which would be more readily available. Combined with in house training, and certification, it’s a great move in the right direction for both the Canadian consumer, and the Extensionists. I am happy to say I am the Canadian Distributer for Euro So.Cap, as well as, the Trainer for the Euro So.Cap Extension Certification within Canada.

As, for all my other services, I was fully trained and certified in the USA for Professional Custom Spray Tan and I follow all the outlined regulations set forth by the FDA in terms of application and recommendations since there is no regulations in Canada.
For my Eyelash Extension training and certification I chose the top company in this field that being Xtreme Lashes. Again, A USA based company that adheres to the strictest guidelines for sanitation, cleansing, and application. Well worth it as there bond adhesive is the best on the market in my opinion.
Other training and certifications I obtained are Minx Nails which is another USA based company gives a fantastic non chemical chip free nail up to two weeks with more choices than anyone! Also, a celebrity favorite.
Lastly, Epilfree, Paraffin, European Facial round out my list.
I hope that I answered many of the questions I have received from all you Glam Girls over these past years, and I look forward to sharing in many more of your stories, all the while bringing you nothing but Simply Glamorous Days to come!

Founder & President