Nothing Says Luxurious More Than A Bronze NV Custom Spray Tan

Envelop yourself in the scents of the tropics. Whether it is coconut, pineapple, pina colada or lemongrass the choice is yours to set you off on a journey to feed your soul with calm and tranquility if only for a moment. All the while you are being misted with a custom blended tan to suit your wants and needs. Whether you are looking for that gorgeous deep bronze tan that can only be acquired from countless hours on beautiful beaches in Fiji or a weekend getaway glow the choices are endless!

Every VIP Tan includes a one on one consultation, disposable garments if you should choose, scent of your choice, glitter or mica to give that radiant glow, and of course hair cover, nose filter, feet stickies, barrier cream and pre tan wipes. We sought out the best solutions on the market both from the USA and imported from Europe and that is all we use. If your looking to address certain areas or concerns we carry solutions that are 99% Organic Unscented Aloe Based, Anti Aging with Matrixl 3000 and Retinyl Palmitate, Quick Dry, or Extra Dark Bronzers. Each brand has been tested numerous times to ensure the best and longest results are being achieved.

All spray solutions are with DHA ranging from 6% for the couple hours in the sun look up to super dark bronze 20% to give you the VIP total control of the shade you desire. Going out on the town and want your look in a flash? Not a problem! You can also choose a double bronzer so you will be flaunting your new colour instantly. We even can tweak a favorite shade with a touch of booster drops to bring it a little darker. Your choices are truly endless.

Of course the best part is after you are Bronzed and beautiful all you have to do is enjoy sitting back and relaxing in the comfort of your own home all the while you gradually get the Bronze tan that everyone will soon NV!

Who Gets A Spray Tan?

GoGo Girls
More Bodybuilders

Don’t forget Pre and Post Tanning Regimens are extremely important to maintain your new found gorgeous glow. We carry a full line of products to keep you Bronzed and beautiful as long as possible.

PS. Don’t be shy boys. The girls can share this little secret with you!

Are you a competitive athlete, cheerleader or model? Bodybuilders we have you covered too with a temporary competition super dark bronzer.

VIP Glam Girl uses products that are:


Pre Tan Instructions

• Shave or use a depilatory cream to remove unwanted body hair.
• Exfoliate your entire body with a mild, oil-free exfoliant.
• Shower, but do not apply body oils or moisturizers to skin (unless you have very dry skin) as this can create a barrier on your skin.
• Wear clothing for your spray tanning appointment that is dark in color (preferably black), loose fitting, and cotton to avoid excess contact or staining to your clothing after your spray tan.
• Do not wear tight fitting jeans, pants, or shorts, or light synthetic fabrics to your appointment. Try a loose black dress, or lounge-type clothing.
• It is advisable to wear dark flip-flops or no shoes at all since you are at home!
• Remove make-up and deodorant
• Pull hair up and away from face and neck with a hair tie.
• Remove earrings and all jewellry.
• Change into your swimsuit and robe or if you prefer to use the client disposables please wait until we arrive.

Post Tan Instructions

• Wait at least 5-10 minutes before getting dressed.
• Avoid any activity that would cause sweating (exercise, cleaning or showering) as your spray tan is developing during these hours. Contact with water or sweat could result in lines or uneven tanning.
• If you choose to sleep in your spray tan so that it darkens overnight, please cover your bed with dark sheets and pillowcases so that the bronzer does not stain your regular sheets.
• Shower normally. You will see some color wash away from your skin. This is completely normal, and was only the bronzer (the instant tan that you could see after your spray tan). The bronzer is used to give you that gorgeous tan immediately, but also so that the technicians may see where they are applying solution. Do not be concerned by this, as your developed tan is still there.
• Wash with a mild, DHA-friendly, moisturizing shower gel and a gentle bath poof.
• While you are drying, remember to pat, not rub your skin.
• Apply a moisturizer with sunscreen in the morning, and a tan extending lotion at night (VIP GLAM GIRL carries a wide variety of Pre and Post Tanning products. Ask your custom spray technician for more details to keep you glowing and gorgeous!).

The Life of Your Spray Tan

The life of your spray tan depends on the care you take of your skin. Moisturize twice a day and exfoliate gently 1 to 2 times per week. The following products have been shown to reduce the number of days that a spray tan will remain on the skin, so try to find alternatives or simply avoid these products until just before your next spray tanning session.
– Band Aids
– Face Masks, or Biore Pore Strips
– Anti-Aging or Anti-Acne products
– Bar Soaps
– Hair Removal Creams and Shaving
• If at all possible, you should try to avoid contact with chlorine or excessive sweating inside of closed toed shoes, as both can lead to premature fading of a spray tan. If you notice uneven or premature fading of your spray tan, you can always correct this by touching up your spray tan with a “Tan in a Can” spray tanning product. Please ask your tanning technician for more information.

Akos Sandor, Canadian Weightlifting Federation

“VIP Glam Girl gives the best custom tans!” – Akos Sandor