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What Are XTREME LASHES® Eyelash Extensions?

XTREME LASHES® is the brand of reference in the field of eyelash extensions for several years now. The XTREME LASHES® eyelash extensions is a revolutionary product that gives longer, thicker, dense lashes, while keeping the natural look of the lashes. The XTREME LASHES® eyelash extensions are not comparable to traditional false eyelashes sold in pharmacies. They are individual synthetic eyelash extensions applied one by one on your natural lashes by XTREME LASHES® Stylists in order to give a unique look and incomparable comfort. With refills every 2 to 4 weeks, you can have amazing lashes indefinitely.

XTREME LASHES® Is Today’s Leader In The Industry Because Of:

  • Its safe application technique created by esthetic professionals
  • Its high quality application products developed to obtain a complete compatibility to the technique
  • Its training program, the most comprehensive, structured and professional in the industry
  • Its highest standards when it comes to training programs, certification, application technique and cosmetic products.

In addition, our products and services comply with Health Canada’s standards for quality and safety.

For these reasons, today, XTREME LASHES® is the preferred choice of consumers and celebrities. XTREME LASHES® has been the exclusive provider of eyelash extensions for events such as: Academy Awards, Golden Globes, Emmy’s Cannes Film Festival and the Latin Grammy’s.

The Expertise And Reputation Of XTREME LASHES®

The XTREME LASHES® eyelash extensions have revolutionized the world of esthetics. Originally, the product was developed by Jo Mousselli, a beauty expert and career nurse. Her knowledge and many years of experience inspired Jo to develop a new concept, safe and innovative in the eyelash extensions industry. In addition, a line of high quality products has been developed and integrated to the new concept.

Photos courtesy of XTREME LASHES®

Product Price List


Xtreme Application

+/- 100 extensions per eye $300.00+

Natural Application

+/- 75 extensions per eye $200.00+


After 3 weeks $80.00+
* Prices May Vary

How It Works

Lashes In Use

Application Procedure

Clients are comfortably reclined on an esthetic bed or massage table with their eyes closed, and lower lashes are covered to prevent the top lashes from adhering to the bottom lashes. The procedure is often referred to as “Beauty Sleep” as it is non-invasive, painless and so relaxing that clients typically then awaken to lush, beautiful lashes.
During the application, the XTREME LASHES®  Lash Stylist will isolate one natural lash and attach one Xtreme Lashes® lash extention to the isolated hair about 1mm from the eyelid so that none of the eyelash extentions actually touch the skin or stick to each other. This results in the natural look and feel associated with the Xtreme Lashes® brand.
The procedure typically takes anywhere from 2 to 3 hours, depending on various factors.
The look can last indefinitely with 45-60 minutes Re-lash appointments every 3 weeks. Like your scalp hair, natural eyelashes grow and shed in a cycle, which is typically about 60 days (2 months). When a natural eyelash matures and falls out, a new eyelash has already been growing and quickly replaces it. People typically shed between 1 to 5 natural lashes each day, depending on their individual growth cycles. When properly applied, an Xtreme Lashes® eyelash extention will remain in place until the natural lash on which it rests falls out. Refill appointments are necessary to replenish the fallen hairs and maintain the look.
Xtreme Lashes® Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions are single strands of synthetic lashes that are applied to your own natural lashes. Each synthetic strand is tapered at the tip with a thick base and curled to replicate a natural lash. Xtreme Lashes® Lash Stylists meticulously and delicately attach one lash extension to one natural lash at a time for a total of 60 to 120 lash extensions per eye.

Xtreme Lashes® Lash Stylists are trained to design and “style” lashes to suit the needs of the client. The Xtreme Lashes® Lash stylist will conduct a consultation with his/her client and take into consideration the client’s eye shape, condition of natural lashes, facial features, skin tone, and the lifestyle and preference of the client. The Lash Stylist will then select the appropriate lengths, curvatures, thicknesses and colors to customize a unique, individual look for their client.

Preparing For Your Application

To ensure long-lasting Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions and a comfortable and relaxing experience, prepare for your application:


  • Remove all make-up, including foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, eye creams and eye serums.
  • Cleanse eye area and eyelashes gently but thoroughly to remove any residual oils or mascara.
  • Shower before your arrival.
  • Do not wear contacts to your appointment. Wear glasses instead.
  • Do not curl your eyelashes on the day of your lash appointment
  • Do not apply heavy creams, lotions or oils to your face within 48 hours prior to your eyelash application.
  • Wait 48 hours after lash removal prior to having your new set of extensions applied.
  • Do not receive chemical treatments to your eyelashes, such as tinting or perming, within 48 hours prior to your appointment.
  • Ensure you have fully recovered from recent irritating eye-area treatments, such as skin-resurfacing procedures, chemical peels, eyebrow waxing, laser treatements and permanent makeup application. Recovery time varies with each procedure and individual.


Remember: To maximize your time with your lash stylist, come to your appointment with clean eyes, free of makeup.

Aftercare Guide

Thank you for choosing Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions! Enjoy your beautiful new Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions with little need to adjust your lifestyle. Proper care and maintenance of your new lashes will ensure beautiful and long lasting results!

It takes 48 hours for the adhesive to cure (dry) thoroughly and yield a strong, durable bond. During this time, the adhesive bond is vulnerable to moisture, steam, excessive heat, cosmetic ingredients coming into contact with the adjesive bond, and friction from rubbing and cleansing.

The following activities will result in a weaker bond, premature eyelash extension loss and/or irritation, and therefore SHOULD BE AVOIDED during the first 48 hours:


  • Showering or wetting your eyelashes.
  • Exposure to heat, steam, sauna and friction.
  • Application of eye and eyelash cosmetics.
  • Sleeping on side or stomach.
  • Receiving chemical treatments, such as eyelash tinting or perming.
  • Receiving irritating eye area treatments, such as strong chemical peels, skin-resurfacing procedures, eyebrow waxing or laser treatments.


After the first 48 hours, although the adhesive has fully cured, persistent exposure to moisture, steam, heat, incompatible cosmetics and friction from rubbing and cleansing may impact the durability of the adhesive bond.

The following activities will weaken the adhesive bond and result in premature eyelash extension loss, and therefore SHOULD BE AVOIDED:


  • Excessive exposure to heat, steam, sauna and friction.
  • Use of oil-based eye care products on or near your eyelashes, such as eye creams, eye serums, Vaseline and cleaners.
  • Use of waterproof cosmetic products on or near the lashes, including waterproof mascara application.
  • Use of mechanical curlers.
  • Picking or pulling on your eyelashes.
  • Excessively rubbing your eyes.


  • Cleanse your eyelashes and your eyelids daily to maintain healthy and beautiful lashes and lash follicles. Use Xtreme Eye Makeup Remover and Facial Cleaner™ and Lint-Free Xtreme Applicators™ to gently remove eye makeup and mascara.
  • Lint-Free Xtreme Applicators™ are highly absorbent, yet release liquids easily and gently to remove mascara and eyeliner from your eyelashes without excessive friction that would weaken the bond. Because they are lint-free, no fibers will lodge between your eyelash extensions and your natural eyelashes, as may occur with cotton balls, cotton swabs or tissues.
  • Groom your eyelashes daily using the Xtreme Lashes® Delux Retractable Lash Styling Wand to style your Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions into place.
  • Use Xtreme Lashes® GlideLiner™ Long Lasting Eye Pencils and Xtreme Lashes® Mascaras, developed specifically to be compatible with Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions.
  • Although mascara is not necessary, Xtreme Lashes® Mascaras can be used sparingly on the tips of your eyelash extensions only, to achieve an even more dramatic look. You may also use Xtreme Lashes® Mascaras on your lower eyelashes.
  • Use AMPLIF•eye™ Lash & Brow Fortifier to create a stronger, thicker, more plentiful matural lash foundation. Apply every night to clean, dry eye area. Apply every morning as well for more rapid results. Allow the gel to completely dry prior to make-up application to avoid smearing make-up.
  • Apply Xtreme Protective Coating™ to your eyelashes once or twice per week to preserve the look and extend the life of your Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions.


Xtreme Cosmetic Products

Compatible with eyelash extensions

Xtreme Black – Midnight Blue – Plum – Xpresso – Golden Olive – Graphite – Black Pearl

Inspired by the desire to simplify the modern woman’s beauty routine, Glideliner™ combines the benefits of the liquid liner, with the application ease of a traditional pencil, while maintaining compatibility with Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extentions. The innovative sharpenable gel structure glides on gently and easily, allowing you to achieve a precise, defined line or a smoky-smudgy look. The silky-smooth, rich colour sets quickly and stays put all day long!

Innovative long-lasting gel technology

Glides on easily and gently without tugging

Easily achieve a precise, defined line or a smoky, smudgy look

Blends upon application, then dries into a resilient, non-smear finish

Vitamin E enriched

Specifically formulated to be compatible with eyelash extensions

Enjoy effortless removal with Aloe-based Xtreme Eye Makeup Remover® and Lint-Free Xtreme Applicators®.

Soothing Aloe Vera Juice-based formula gently cleanses and moisturizes skin while conditioning lashes and brows. Coconut-derived cleansing agent removes impurities and makeup while anti-oxidant and vitamin-rich botanical extracts including rosehip, chamomile, eyebright and cucumber calm, refresh and nourish and protect for a daily beauty treatment.

Over 90% natural with no artificial colours, fragrances, dyes, or mineral oil.

Sulfate-free – won’t irritate or strip your skin of natural oils.

Formulated to be used on eyelash extensions and natural lashes.

Ideal for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

Extend the life of your lash extensions! Unique formula coats and seals the attachment area between the extension and the natural lash, creating a protective barrier against oil, perspiration, dust and debris. Style, shape and hold curl while adding a subtle sheen – like hairspray for your lashes!

Extends the life of extensions by 1 to 2 weeks, when used properly.

Contours and holds curled lashes in place.

Formulated for eyelash extensions and natural lashes.

New, fuller-designed brush coats and thickens each lash from base to tip, achieving ultimate length and volume. The same great, colour rich formula you love delivers extreme definition and separation without clumps, flakes, or smudges – and removes easily with Xtreme Lashes® Eye Makeup Remover.

Formulated for eyelash extensions and natural eyelashes.

Ideal for sensitive eyes and contact lens safe.

Extreme definition, length and volume.
Vitamin B5-enriched conditioning formula.

Long lasting, water-based formula removes easily with Aloe-based Xtreme Lashes® Eye Makeup Remover.

It’s time to turn up the volume! Each stroke of the precision, lash-separating brush delivers rich colour, high gloss and eXtreme volume. A nourishing formula, enriched with botanical extracts, strengthens and conditions. Long-lasting and water-resistant for an all-day allure.

Formulated for eyelash extensions and natural lashes.

Ingredients such as Allantoin, Mushroom Extract, and Royal Jelly Extract nourish and rejuvenate the lashes.
Extracts of Tea, Calendula, Parslet, Angelica, and Cornus (Dogwood Fruit) add shine and protection.

Enjoy effortless removal with Aloe-based Xtreme Eye Makeup Remover™ and Lint-Free Xtreme Applicators™.

Add even more drama to your Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions with the Xtreme Heated Eyelash Curler™. This curler safely applies a long lasting curl through gentle heat and will not damage your Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions or your natural lashes as mechanical syle curlers do.

Works with eyelash extensions and natural lashes.

Heats to 148° in 15 seconds

Low battery and optimal temperature LED indicator.

Primp those lashes with panache! Alluring eyelashes deserve equally appealing accessories for their care. This Deluxe Retractable Lash Styling Wand, with refined detailing and elegant gold toned case, is destined to be every diva’s delight. With the patented collar design, the brush glides smoothly from the barrel and returns to the housing for compact storage. A custom fitted cap ensures the tip stays tiptop and tidy when not in use.

A healthy and nourishing, drug-free formula that works.
AMPLIF•eye™ Lash & Brow Fortifier’s highly concentrated formula of fortifying peptides and nourishing botanical extracts are suspended in an innovative liposomal delivery system to get to the root of thin, short, gray, and sparse lashes and brows.

Fortified and nourished follicles produce healthy lashes and brows that look longer, thicker, darker and more plentiful.

Photos courtesy of XTREME LASHES®