Hey Glam Girls

Are you tired of having thin lifeless hair?
Want to change up your hair with highlights or low lights without damaging your hair by harsh chemicals and colouring?
Do you have a special event that you want a change to your hair temporarily?
Tired of trying to grow your hair from short to long?
Are you suffering from a medical condition where you find yourself losing hair and are too embarrassed to seek out help?
Do wish you could have those beautiful manes you see all the celebrities have, and wonder how they can have short hair one week and long the next in a different hair colour?

Watch this video to see how hair extensionsare an industry standard in fashion shoots, print ads, tv and movies!

Well gorgeous your in luck!

At VIP Glam Girl the VIP is YOU! We specialize in hair extensions of every method Warm/Cold fusion, I-tip, Shrinkies, Tape to Clip In’s, you name it we do it. Not only that we use only the BEST hair from the top manufactures in the world. Russian, European, or the best Indian Remy, we deal exclusively one on one with only the best hair companies on the market. No street hair here! Just like anything these companies only sell to top salons with stylist certified by reputable hair companies, as they have an image to uphold and do not want just anyone buying their hair. These same companies are the ones that are doing all the celebrity hair you see every time you turn on the TV, go to a movie or open a magazine.
But like everything, you get what you pay for. Don’t be fooled into the low priced hair. Most of the time it is hair not suitable for everyone and can leave you with Permanent Hair Loss due to the weight or improper application. We have unfortunately had to correct many horror stories from hair that was improperly attached or just not suitable for that particular person. Some did suffer permanent hair loss but we in the end corrected the situation and now they have the hair they dreamed about but never received.

If you are suffering from thinning hair or hair loss do not despair. In a matter of hours you WILL have the hair of your dreams. We have many hair systems available for all sorts of hair loss, as well as, custom wigs that we can make for you specifically to your exact needs because that is what a VIP is all about. These wigs are so real no one will ever know your even wearing one! Trust Us! Technology has brought the wig industry to a such an elevated platform it is just simply amazing! You would not believe how many people you see everyday that have on customs wigs or extensions. Again, there are many celebrities that choose to wear wigs all the time one of which is Beyonce. And yes, if you like her hair we can make that happen too!

At VIP GLAM GIRL we do a one on one consultation where we talk about what you need or want. It is all customized to you and your hair situation. No two people have the same hair and that is why we have 10 different colour rings from the top hair manufacturers world wide of ever shade and colour imaginable to choose from. The possibilities are endless! We will educate you from start to finish. You will learn how to care for your new hair addition and what products to use because yes, you must use products made for hair extensions and we will go over that. The after care is of great importance in order for your investment to last as long as it should. Rest assured, you WILL get all the information you need to make an informed decision and with the upmost discretion.

It is an investment, but unlike most investments this one will make you look and feel priceless!

So what are you waiting for GLAM GIRL the hair of your dreams is only a phone call away!

The facts about Russian Virgin Hair Extensions

Ok Glam Girls,

We are constantly asked by many of you, why are Russian Hair Extensions so sought after, and what is the difference, why are they so expensive?
In a nutshell, Authentic Russian hair extensions are Virgin Russian hair that is Caucasian hair that has not been chemically altered in any way. It is the same color and texture as when cut from the donor. The manufacturer we purchase from guarantees that the hair is in fact authentic Russian Hair extensions. When purchased you will receive a signed certificate of authenticity. The benefits of Virgin Russian hair is the longevity of the hair as it has not been chemically processed. You can have the hair colored or highlighted but it should be done only by a professional with great care to maintain the integrity of the hair. If handled with care by the you, this hair can last for years.
The benefits of Virgin Russian hair is the longevity of the hair as it has not been chemically processed. Another benefit of Russian Virgin Hair is the fine denier and silky soft texture that is incomparable in the human hair extension market.
Another benefit of Russian Virgin Hair is the fine denier and silky soft texture that is incomparable in the human hair extension market. One of the reasons this type of hair is so coveted by many is the stunning shine, natural appearance that is so easy to blend with the client’s own scalp hair and finally the way the hair moves. It is a signature look for a sleek silky straight or very slight body that is difficult to achieve with any other hair type. Hair styles made famous by Jennifer Aniston, Megan Fox and Reese Witherspoon are easier to achieve with Russian hair extensions.


Make these Russian hair extensions last

In an effort to help our customers keep these hair extensions for as long as possible, we are offering retipping services for the life of hair AT NO CHARGE! Along with the certificate of authenticity, there is an additional statement that guarantees these Russian hair extensions can be returned to us at any time for new tips. Please note that we will have to send the hair to the manufacturers factory to be made so the client will have to be patient for a couple weeks until they get their fresh and newly tipped hair back again.
It is of great importance that you understand if you want this hair to last you must be diligent in the care. Avoid chemical processes, styling products with alcohol, shampoos with harsh detergents and constant applications of high heat irons and blow dryers. Use moisturizing cleansers and conditioners, organic coconut oil for special treatments and soft bristle brushes. When possible allow to air dry.
Please not, although the retipping is free there is still a removal and reinstallation charge which is the standard hourly rate.
For any inquiries on pricing please give us a call or drop us an email.

So there you have it Glam Girls. We hope that cleared up all your questions about Russian Hair, and do not be fooled by false advertising with rock bottom prices! Russian Hair carries the highest price tag out of all the hair extensions on the market and unless it is coming from a reputable source it probably is not really Russian!

Lavish Hair Extensions Care Guide

Congratulations on your decision to have us create an exciting new look for you with 100% natural human hair extensions. Hair extensions are an exciting way to add length, volume and/or colour to your exisiting hair to create a beautiful new style for you. Remember you and your hair extensions artist want to have your extensions looking and feeling the best that they can. Please read the folloing information before we begin the application of your extensions. By following the instructions listed you will greatly enhance your experience with your hair extensions.

  • DO NOT shampoo for at least 2 days (48 hours) AFTER having your extensions applied. You may have your rinse your hair and use Repair Spray Conditioner
  • Your should NOW wash your hair with your head face down. ALWAYS tilt your head back and foam Shampoo from top to bottom. DO NOT scrub your hair vigorously! Shampoo gently and massage the scalp gently working the recommended shampoo to ends.
  • Flood rinse your scalp and work the shampoo to the ends. Flood rinse thoroughly.
  • Use only the high quality products recommended by your certified VIP Glam Girl artist and follow their instructions.
  • When wet, use a wide tooth comb starting at the ends and working up to the scalp
  • DO NOT dry with a scrubbing action.
  • Extension conditioner, extension repair spray and extension silk protein can be safely used on your extensions.
  • Never dry your hair with a scrubbing action, wrap with a towel to absorb the excess water until the hair is damp. Gently blow dry from top of head in a downward motion or allow to air dry.
  • Use only a loop brush on the scalp. Any brush may be used when drying your hair. If you use any other brush on the scalp, we CANNOT be held responsible for any extensions falling out or any slippage of extensions
  • Do NOT go to bed with wet hair. If you do, tangles will occur and it may be difficult at times to untangle them once they have become dry overnight. Dry your hair as much as possible and then put your hair into one big loose braid.
  • After having extensions applied, you the client MUST make appointments to return to your VIP stylist for routine follow up visits. The first visit should be after two weeks.
  • Some bonds may get a little tangled if you do not brush your hair on a regular basis. Therefore the regular fall out of your own hair may cause a little tangle between the bonds. If this should occur CONTACT YOUR VIP STYLIST IMMEDIATELY! It is normal to lose a few extensions per month.
  • Please DO NO try to correct any problems on your own.
  • Your VIP stylist is the only person that should be allowed to correct any problems that may arise.
  • Just like your own natural hair, you should not allow chlorine water from swimming pools or Jacuzzis to stay on the hair extensions. Rinse thoroughly and use a clairfying shampoo and conditioner that is recommended by your VIPGam Girl Extension Stylist. Let conditioner set on the hair for 3 minutes. Rinse hair with warm water (NOT HOT WATER) then follow with a repair spray that your VIP artist recommended. Always remember, even if you do not wash your hair… RINSE THOROUGHLY and use a Repair Spray.
  • Your VIP Exentions Artist will try very hard to insure your extensions stay perfect as long as you wear them. Please do not let someone else ruin the hard work that was donw by your hair extension artist. All services will be done on a regular basis.
  • Application and removal of your Hair Extensions requires special training. Consequently, do not allow any stylist other than your VIP GLAM GIRL Certified Extensionist to perform any service on your extensions (including perm, colour, bleach, hairbut, removal, etc.). You should never perm, tint, or use any chemicals on your extensions yourself without consulting your VIP Extensionist first. Do not try to remove them yourself this requires a special solution and technique in order fo them to be removed without causing damage to your existing hair. The charge for the removal of the hair extensions is not included in the original fee for installing them.And remember….