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WARNING: MINX® is addictive.

MINX® is…

A statement. A prestigious and exciting accessory that extends fashion to the fingertips. 
A patented flexible film that shrink-wraps to natural, gel, and acrylic nails using heat.

MINX® is in style…

Worldwide! Celebrities, Designers, Models, Photographers, and the Fashionable all love MINX®. 
Because it’s beautiful! Just look at all of these amazing photos and designs!
 High impact fashion enjoyed by celebrities and designers at an affordable price.

MINX® lasts…

With correct application 14 days on anyone’s fingernails, even a dog groomer, and 4-6 weeks on toes. 
Who cares? We’re not talking about comfy shoes! Fashionistas love MINX® because of the compliments they get!

MINX® is applied…

By trained and licensed professionals using heat to effectively shrink wrap MINX® to your natural or enhanced nails.
 In about one hour, after a complete dry manicure or pedicure.
 And then you are ready to go! No need for drying time, no worrying about smudges, no need to redo!

MINX® is not damaged…

By normal dreary duties like washing dishes.
 By fun stuff like Minxy® lounging in the Jacuzzi or sauna.

MINX® is removed…

At no-charge by many Nail Stylists using heat.
 At home by heating with a blow dryer, breaking the seal, and peeling off the warm MINX® side-to-side.


MINXES® are not shy or timid. Be prepared for people to notice your Minxed® nails!
 Be ready to hear “OMG! I love your nails! What are they? Is that what Rihanna wears? Did I see that in Vogue?”

Ready to get MINXED®?…

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Product Price List


Minx Application

Full Set $60.00+

Accent Nails

*Prices subject to change without notice

Photo courtesy of MINX® NAILS